Kayla Itsines shares glimpse into sadness after mother-in-law’s death


The woman behind one of Australia’s biggest fitness empires has revealed how her family has been struggling since the death of her mother-in-law.

Kayla Itsines took to Instagram over the weekend to reveal how her family was doing after her husband Jae Woodroffe’s mother Jenny died in February after a cancer battle.

In the Instagram video, Kayla was laying in bed while her son Jax slept and her daughter Arna, who she shares with ex Tobi Pearce, was with her mother and sister.

“I just realised, because I had to go to bed, I went for a walk today, I did a workout, I ate really well and I realised that was the first day in a really long time that I actually did like all the things,” she said.

Kayla Itsines reveals heartbreaking loss

“I had no motivation to do literally anything because I’ve been so fricken sad since I lost my mother-in-law. I’m sad for me, I’m sad for Jae and I’m sad for the family.

“It’s been really hard because I’ve never lost anyone before and it’s taken a weird toll on my body. The fact that I just don’t want to anything because I just feel like everything is pointless.”

Kayla said she had found herself sat on the couch and forced herself to do get up and do something, saying she knew exercise would make her feel better, so forced herself to hit the gym.

When Jenny passed away, Kayla wrote a heartfelt Instagram post dedicated to her mother-in-law.

Kayla said she’d always admired the women in her family but it wasn’t until she met Jenny that she found a true idol.

“Then I met you. I have never wanted to learn so much off someone so fast in my life. So many questions,” she said, adding her questions included how Jenny had raised a perfect family and how she was such a “boss lady” while remaining kind.

“How? Jenny. We all love you so much. You absolute angel, rock, perfect human being. Forever our angel.”