Kate Beckinsale drops big clue amid mystery hospitalisation

Kate Beckinsale has revealed a huge clue about her condition, weeks after first revealing she’d been hospitalised with an undisclosed illness.

The Pearl Harbour actress, 50, posted a new picture on Instagram on Wednesday, proudly wearing a white T-shirt emblazoned with the words: “Tummy troubles survivor.”

Beckinsale later shared pictures from inside her home, indicating she’d finally been discharged after more than a month in hospital.

Beckinsale first sparked concern among fans on March 11 by posting several teary-eyed photos of herself wearing a medical gown and perched on a hospital bed.

“Thank you to those that love us and support us when it’s s**t and try to make sure there are some bits that aren’t,” she wrote in the caption.

“And for looking after our dogs when we can’t, and lead us to remember happy things when we can’t. And turn up when we are sick and sit with us . . And send balloons and check in and pull us out of wells with love.”

Fans of the British actor were confused by Beckinsale’s cryptic post and flooded the comments section with questions.

“Are you OK? Why are you in a hospital? Please get well soon,” one person wrote.

“No context hospital pics don’t sit well with me,” a second commented.

However, Beckinsale did not respond.

In the weeks that followed, she shared a series of follow-up photos from her hospital room, but mysteriously deleted them all last week.

Prior to her hospital stay, Beckinsale has been grieving the loss of her stepfather, Roy Battersby, who died of a “massive stroke” in January while battling two forms of cancer. He was 87.

The late TV director, known for his projects like Between the Lines and Red Mercury, married Beckinsale’s mother in 1997.

The actress’ father, Richard Beckinsale, died from a heart attack in 1979.

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