Kanye West allegedly ‘flaunted nude pictures’ of female friend to employees

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Kanye West allegedly made inappropriate sexual remarks and exhibited lewd behaviour around Yeezy colleagues, according to new court documents filed in Los Angeles by a former staffer.

Trevor Phillips alleges in the complaint obtained by Page Six that the music mogul-turned-private school founder flaunted nude photos of a female friend to staffers and even once simulated masturbation in front of him during a meeting at Nobu Hotel in Malibu, California.

The former employee — who was hired to work at Yeezy to grow cotton for a kids’ clothing line and food for an eventual self-sustainable community — claims when he first arrived at the hotel, West was spewing conspiracy theories about the Jewish community and praising Adolf Hitler.

In an effort to divert the conversation, Phillips commented that Zoë Kravitz — who was on the TV at the time — was “pretty”, which allegedly prompted West to tell his then-staffer, “You look like Zoë Kravitz”.

The All of the Lights rapper allegedly then clarified, “Yeah you look like her … But, not like that. You are handsome like in a Lenny Kravitz type of way,” but the comments still caused Phillips “discomfort”.

“Just a few moments later while lying flat on the bed and staring up at the ceiling, Kanye began to make slow up and down motions with his hand just above his genitalia – as though he was masturbating,” Phillips then claims, per the lawsuit.

The former staffer alleges the Yeezy CEO then told him, “I used to have orgies every day – at least two-to-three girls. And now, man, I can’t even lay down without jacking off.”

Per the suit, West, 41, allegedly used one of his hands to “forcefully and dramatically” grab and pull the other hand “making the masturbatory gestures away from his crotch”.

“I got to keep my hand away from my phone to keep me away from looking at pornos,” he allegedly then said, according to Phillips, who was “totally shocked and distraught” by what he allegedly witnessed.

The whistleblower alleges West then FaceTimed a female friend, of whom the Flashing Lights rapper had allegedly “flaunted nude pictures” to Yeezy staffers.

West allegedly told the unnamed woman, “Next time I see you, you better make sure you are wearing the lingerie and the shoes I got you,” causing Phillips once again to feel “troubled and uncomfortable”.

Fortunately, Nobu room service “interrupted” West’s alleged sexual drive.

Phillips claims he did not leave the hotel until 1am because he “felt a duty to his schoolchildren, including his younger brother and also daughter who both attended Donda Academy, not only to educate them but also now insulate them”.

Page Six has reached out to West’s team for comment but did not immediately hear back.

Phillips’ bombshell suit also alleges the Gold Digger rapper threatened to shave his schoolchildren’s heads and lock them in cages.

Aside from making disparaging remarks about Jewish people, West allegedly also claimed he was going to attack the LGBTQIA+ community next, per the suit.

Phillips, who is black, also alleges in the complaint that his former boss showed racial discrimination toward black staffers but not those who are white.

He is suing West for discrimination, harassment, a hostile work environment and more, is seeking damages exceeding $US35,000 and lawyers’ fees and wants an injunction preventing the Power rapper from opening any type of school for kids under 18 in California.

Phillips, who was fired by West in May 2023, is also demanding a trial by jury.

This story originally appeared on New York Post and was reproduced with permission

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