K-pop singer Park Bo Ram dead aged 30 after shock collapse

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A popular K-pop star has died at age 30 following a shock collapse at a friend’s house in South Korea.

Beloved singer Park Bo Ram passed away unexpectedly on April 11 after reportedly going into a cardiac arrest during an intimate gathering with friends.

According to The Korean Herald, Bo Ram was with her two friends at one of their homes when she went to the bathroom around 10pm that evening. When she did not emerge after some time, her friends searched the house and found her unconscious, leaning over the bathroom sink.

Bo Ram’s friends attempted to revive her with CPR before she was taken to Hanyang University Guri Hospital by ambulance. She never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead at 11.17pm. An autopsy is now underway to determine her exact cause of death.

As her death made headlines around the world, the following day her label Xanadu Entertainment reportedly issued a heartfelt statement.

“We are here to share sorrowful and heartbreaking news,” read the statement, as per AllKPop.

“Park Bo Ram suddenly passed away late at night on April 11. All of the artists and executives at Xanadu Entertainment are deeply mourning the deceased with great sadness. It is even more heartbreaking that we have to tell you this sudden news to all of the fans who support Park Bo Ram.

“The funeral will be held after consulting with the bereaved’s family. Once again, we send our deepest condolences to the deceased so she may rest in peace.”

Bo Ram became a household as a finalist on the South Korean singing competition show Superstar K2 back in 2010. The singer would go on to release her debut single, Beautiful, in 2014 before dropping to EPs. Her final single before her passing was released one week before her death on April 3.

According to various reports, Bo Ram was also preparing for her debut album at the time of her death.