Julianne Moore stuns in self-service selfie while shopping at UK supermarket


It’s hard to believe a Hollywood star like Julianne Moore would pop into a random UK supermarket on any given day, but the actress has a photo to prove it.

The Oscar winner casually shopped for food at a Tesco grocery store in London with her son, Caleb Freundlich, and his girlfriend, Kibriyaa – and the trio marked their trip, which also happened to be Kibriyaa’s birthday, with a selfie at the checkout.

“Happy birthday beauty- we love you,” the 63-year-old captioned the photo on Instagram.

In the pic, Moore appeared makeup-free as she posed for the cameras in the self-service section while Caleb took a photo of them. The star wore her hair signature red hair in a low bun as she proceeded to scan what appeared to be a bottle of milk.

Fans online went wild for the selfie and were in major disbelief over Moore’s supermarket pop-up.

“If I saw Julianne Moore in Tesco I’d freaking lose my sh*t” one wrote, with another joking, “Unexpected item in the bagging area at Tesco.”

Yet another wondered if Moore was a loyal Tesco member.

“Julianne do you have a Club Card????”

In a 2019 interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Moore admitted she liked to embarrass her kids, even at the supermarket.

“I’m not a dancer – I just dance in front of my kids to embarrass them,” she said at the time while promoting her movie Gloria Bell, in which she played a dancing queen.

“That’s the kind of dancer I am: the dancing-in-the-grocery-store dancer because that’s really embarrassing. They go, ‘Mum, stop it. Mum.’ … I say to them: I’m just rehearsing for my life on stage.”

Moore currently stars in the historical series Mary & George, which airs locally on BINGE.

Stream Mary & George now on BINGE, available on Hubbl

Inspired by true event, the actress plays Mary Villiers, the Countess of Buckingham, an ambitious mother who wants her son played by Nicholas Galitzine to seduce a king in a bid for money and power.

“I loved how active she was. I loved the fact that she was frank, never seemed to censor herself, and then how voracious she was too,” she recently told the Korean Times of her character.

“She seemed to be voracious for life and for her experiences and also, strangely, was never satisfied with anything, which is not necessarily a great quality but it’s an interesting quality.

“So there was something about her that was excruciating because she was so needy, so acquisitive and so ambitious in a way that feels harmful. But it was interesting for me and it was compelling.”

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