JoJo Siwa’s wild Call Her Daddy Interview goes viral

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Former child star JoJo Siwa wants you to know she’s grown up – and she just gave a wild interview to confirm that.

JoJo, 20, is currently in the middle of her “bad girl” rebrand, which mainly involves her wearing black outfits, humping the air in music videos and getting photographed carrying a plush penis outside of a sex store.

It’s not been a subtle time for the former Dance Mums star, who got her start as a dancer on the popular reality television show.

She became famous for her over-the-top personality, wearing bright colours and her signature giant bow. It’s an iconic look that she now calls “kid in a candy store” kind of vibe.

The kid has grown up, and she’s taking a more 50 Cent approach to the whole candy store thing. She’s still going for the over-the-top look, but it’s more X-rated.

To complete her transformation, she’s now appeared on the popular Call Her Daddy podcast, hosted by Alex Cooper, to discuss her rebrand.

JoJo’s grown-up and wearing strange hats

Firstly, JoJo, who really wants people to know she’s an adult now, decided to wear a hat that is not quite chic.

It is a baseball hat that features hanging strings covered in rhinestones that partially obscured her face.

Alex immediately addressed the strange head covering by asking the singer what she was wearing.

“What’s happening on my head? What’s happening in my head? We never know,” JoJo replied.

Still confused … well, don’t be.

“I didn’t pick it. It picked me,” she confirmed.

Moving right along.

Her parents have finally moved out of her home

JoJo then dived into the fact that she’s now living alone for the first time, saying she was “stoked” to have a place to herself.

The singer then revealed that she didn’t move out of her home. Don’t be ridiculous, she’s a child star and therefore is the breadwinner.

Instead, her parents moved out of her home and into a new one that she bought for them.

She said that after a few weeks of living alone, because she was filming a project, she rang her parents and let them know it was time to go.

“The day of you moving is coming sooner than we all thought. I told them by April 1st,” she said.

JoJo then explained that her parents always feared that once she turned eighteen, she’d take all her money and no longer support them.

“The opportunity of leaving them and high and dry was right there,” she said.

She added that she’d never intended to leave her parents without anything and is happy to keep helping them.

“Mum said thank you for basically never kicking us to the curb,” she said.

After she was done bragging about doing the bare minimum, she had bigger fish to fry.

She’s making X-rated jokes

JoJo said that she was entering a new “adult naughty girl” phase, which doesn’t sound very adult, but let’s not get hung up on the details.

So what is grown-up JoJo doing?

Well, she’s spending hours deleting old photos of herself on her Instagram account to let people know she’s in a new era.

The young adult said that she did this while on the treadmill and the whole process took around three hours.

“We got on the treadmill and said we are not getting off until it is finished,” she said.

Then she showed off her new grown-up humour and added, “That is what she said.”

JoJo Siwa's wild chat on Call Her Daddy

She’s 20 and already has career regrets

JoJo also opened up about her three big career regrets and none of them involve wearing a giant bow for years.

She said that she wished her song Super Girl was more gender inclusive and she had raised the issue at the time but was dismissed.

Fair enough.

Then she talked about that whole humping the air on stage drama.

Five months ago she jumped on stage at G-Flip’s concert and she had some regrets about that night.

At the time, she went viral for her dancing on stage during the show, specifically how sexual her moves were.

What specifically did she regret? Well, JoJo puts it best herself.

“I’d do things differently for sure, I f**ked the air essentially, and I don’t know what I did.”

She added that you never see the full video online, which makes her “angry”, and that it was meant to be a parody of her dancing sexy.

“We weren’t being serious, we weren’t trying to be hot and sexy, we were trying to be funny,” she explained.

The other big career regret for her was when she posted a cover of her attempting to sing Traitor by Olivia Rodrigo.

She posted a clip on her Snapchat account of her struggling to hit one note in the song. She struggled so much that her face turned red while she was doing it.

Once the clip went viral, people online were trolling her and saying she couldn’t sing.

The 20-year-old, who has just released a new single, Karma, said that she’d never “claim” to be a singer and instead sees herself as something else.

“I will claim to be an artist or a performer,” she clarified.

Her dream career doesn’t involve Hollywood

JoJo also explained that if anything ever happened to her mum, who helps her so much with her career, she’d change career paths.

“If something happens to you, I’m becoming a skydiver instructor,” she declared.

JoJo explained she was very into indoor skydiving. It was a great workout, and she did it three or four times a week when she was in a “chunky phase”.

She is two different people

JoJo, whose real name is Joelle, said there is a big difference between her online persona and who she is.

“They both are present at all times. Sometimes, we look like one, but we are the other. And sometimes we look like the other, and we are the one,” she said.

Does that make sense? Well, not really, but don’t worry she added that past partners have found it confusing too.

JoJo is looking for love

She also revealed that she’s currently single and has had a string of messy breakups, including one in which she had to get her security involved, but she declined to give away any more details.

As for what she wants in the future?

She’s looking for someone tall, older, and “masculine.”

“I like dark, long hair, pretty teeth, eye colours, whatever it is. I like a fit girl, someone who’s down to work out with me,” she said.

JoJo said that one of the first things she’ll discuss with potential partners is if they want kids.

“When I start to talk to somebody, I will initially be like, ‘Oh, I’m really stoked to have kids within the next three or four years.’