Israel Iran strike: Israel launches missile attack in retaliation

Israel has launched a strike against Iran in retaliation for its weekend attack, US media has reported.

There were additional explosions reported in Iraq and Syria, according to NPR.

However, a senior US official did not confirm to ABC News if additional sites in Iraq and Syria were also hit.

Explosions were reportedly heard over the city of Isfahan – about 346km south of Tehran, per the Associated Press.

Not long after, Iran activated its air defence systems over several regions, according to state media.

About the same time, commercial flights were spotted changing routes over western Iran without providing an explanation.

Soon after, all flights to Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz were suspended, CNN reported, citing the director of Iran’s public relations for an airport company.

Flights have reportedly not been officially cancelled.

“Passengers should check the flight information before departure,” the director reportedly said.

The extent of damage from the reported strike, as well as the weapons used, was not immediately clear.

However, Iran’s FARS news agency reported that three explosions were heard near the military base in Isfahan.

“The defence is activated in response to an object that is likely to be a drone,” sources told FARS, per CNN.

FARS reportedly claimed that the army radar was a potential target.

The alleged missile strike comes nearly one week after Iran unleashed an attack against Israel made up of more than 300 ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and attack drones on Saturday.

Most of the missiles were intercepted or caused little damage to Israel.

Only one casualty was reported, with a seven-year-old Bedouin girl being hit by falling debris from an interceptor rocket in southern Israel.

At the time, Iran claimed the launch was in self-defence, claiming Israel killed seven of its Revolutionary Guards during a strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria on April 1. An Iranian commander was killed in the strike.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog has described the attack from Iran as a “declaration of war.”

Herzog claimed it is “time the world faces this empire of evil in Tehran” amid Western fears of an all-out war in the region.

Israel previously warned of an “imminent” retaliatory response to the weekend attack.

An IDF official said such an attack would be “co-ordinated with the Americans.”

As of Monday, the IDF had approved plans for an “offensive” against Iran.

David Mencer, a spokesman for the Israeli government, said the country “retains all its options.

“We reserve the right to do everything in our power, and we will do everything in our power to defend this country,” Mencer said.

Iran’s Supreme National Security Council also vowed to retaliate against Israel if a counter-attack was launched.

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