Influencer ‘trapped’ in Rolls Royce in Dubai floods

Wild floods have wreaked havoc across Dubai with Aussie star Kris Fade sharing footage from inside his stranded car.

Kris, a popular radio host who lives in the city and star of the hit Netflix show Dubai Bling, warned his almost 1 million followers to take it easy on the roads and “stay home” before sharing footage after having got stranded himself.

“I’m stuck in Al Quoz (suburb in Dubai),” he said. “So is that car, so is that car. None of us can get out.”

“Wow,” he yelled as she showed cars submerged in flooded waters after leaving his Dubai-based radio studio.

Aussie trapped in car during Dubai flood

Roads have turned to rivers as heavy rain continued to overtake parts of the UAE on Tuesday, flooding some streets and causing traffic chaos.

The Dubai International Airport also came to a halt with videos showing the tarmac drowning in water as planes struggled to navigate their way through what now looks like a marina.

The popular host of The Kris Fade Show tried to start his car but failed. He ended up calling a tow truck to help get him out, sharing the process with his followers.

It took him three hours to safely get home after also hitching a ride with a truck driver who was able to navigate the floods with his large vehicle.

“I made it home, I made it home. That was an adventure. The car is still on the recovery about an hour away.”

“If you can stay home stay home we are expecting more of this weather tomorrow.

“Shout out to everybody that’s helping each other – what a beautiful community vibe we have in this country.”

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has urged residents to take all the precautions and follow the safety measures during rainfall and to stay away from areas of flooding and water accumulation.

Meanwhile, a US influencer living in Dubai also shared footage from inside his luxury car after he got stuck in the city’s wild floods on Tuesday.

Jordan Welch, who boasts a combined half a million followers on X, TikTok and Instagram, was travelling in the bustling city when he got caught up in what has been described as the United Arab Emirates’ worst flooding in 20 years.

Man gets his Rolls-Royce stuck in Dubai flood water

Mr Welch, who is an entrepreneur, was trapped in his Rolls Royce as deep water flooded the road.

“So right now we’re trapped. We are literally in the middle of the [Dubai ocean],” he said while filming from inside his car. “Look how deep this water is.”

He said the vehicle was “not working” as he panned the camera to the driver who was seen stuck in traffic.

“But I’d rather be crying in a Rolls than in a Honda — or I’d rather be home I think.”

He shared a follow up clip to his Instagram stories showing a tow truck pulling the stranded vehicle through the flooded waters.

He also shared a clip of a black Rolls Royce broken down in the middle of a road alongside the caption: “Yes just like all my friends in cryptotoday, I am underwater”.

In the clip shared by CryptoCultureClub the person recording can be heard saying: “More than $200,000 Rolls Royce-breakdown in a puddle”.

Some inland areas of the UAE recorded more than 80 millimetres (3.2 inches) of rain over 24 hours to 8am, approaching the annual average of about 100mm.