Influencer reveals unusual baby names she considered

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An American influencer has revealed the list of names she considered for her daughter, leaving some of her fans scratching their heads.

Jaci Marie Smith, from Los Angeles, revealed her list of girl’s names that she loved and considered but wouldn’t be using for her daughter. Some were a little old-school but others divided her social media followers.

“The first one is Dot. This has been on my list forever. This isn’t the name but it was definitely up there,” she said, adding once she discovered she was pregnant it felt like it didn’t fit her unborn child.

She also loved Kit, which she said was inspired by the American Girl doll range. She also considered the name Leo, typically short for Leonardo.

Influencer shares unique list of baby names

“I think is just so cute for a girl. I don’t think I’ve ever met a girl called Leo before but I can picture it. It’s really cute – especially if she was a Leo. Could be iconic,” she said.

She discovered she was having a girl and quickly put together a list of baby names.

In a similar vein she liked the name Rio after meeting a waitress with the same name. Dove and Zo were also on the list, but weren’t the names she considered to be controversial.

The list included Charm, which she thought was cool and had never heard of anyone with that name before, and Melrose.

“This is a street in LA. It’s just objectively a cool word and a really pretty name,” she said.

“I feel like you could call her Rose, you could call her Mel, you could call her Melly or you could call her Rosie.

“It also just feels like feminine and Cool Girl to me.”

Those on social media had mixed reactions. Some loved the names – Dot and Charm were clear winners – but others weren’t impressed.

“Was this an April Fool’s joke,” one person asked. “Charm is such a Khloe Kardashian name,” another said.

One said they “loved all of these” while another added “Charm is a Kardashian/Jenner name I can see any of them using it”.

“I work in a care home, and there’s a lady named Dot who lives there’s … she wears all pink, and carries around a baby doll 24/7. She’s an angel,” another person added.