Incredible find inside abandoned zoo

An urban explorer has shared footage of his foray into an abandoned zoo where he found snake skins, animal moults and breeding tanks left behind.

Daniel Sims, who goes by the name Bearded Reality on TikTok, visited the former Rutland Sanctuary Zoo, in Oakham in the UK, earlier this month.

The zoo has been closed since late 2022 due to rising costs, but Daniel found the site left in “amazing condition”.

The 34-year-old, from Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, found the zoo looking practically ready to re-open and host more furry friends.

“The whole site has everything left behind – apart from the animals, of course,” Daniel, who shared the footage on TikTok and YouTube, said.

“It is still in amazing condition, so it’s surprising it just sat left and wasted.

“The site itself in areas looks a little run-down but has suffered very little damage, so it could easily re-open as another mini zoo or attraction with very little effort.

“You can tell the previous owners put a lot of their heart and soul into this project, so it’s a shame to see it like this.

“The rooms in the back were very interesting with all the incubators and breeding tanks left untouched from when the place closed, as well as notes of what animals were held here.

“I was super surprised and pleased that all the tanks remained intact and not smashed, as I have been to similar places and seen this and reckon this is because of the place’s location and the fact the area has a groundskeeper, which is good.”

Inside, Daniel made discoveries including a long snakeskin, which he stopped to feel, as well as various moults from other animals.

Also on the site, were various cages and tanks left behind from the previous wildlife occupants.

The closure of the zoo was announced on social media back in October 2022 by owners, Joanna and Jeremy.

The post reads: “We are heartbroken to announce that we are having to close our doors at this time due to the energy increase crisis that has affected us in such a detrimental way.

“We are forever grateful for all the support and love from all our friends, family and visitors towards each of ourselves and our charges.

“Most importantly, to reassure everyone, all our animals are safe and still our highest priority to ensure they have a secure and safe full life ahead of them.”

While some areas of the abandoned site appeared a little worse for wear, with debris littering the ground, the explorer was stunned to find the zoo in good shape.

“I was super pleased to explore this place and get some photos before inevitably nature takes its course and the place starts to decay fully,” Daniel added.