‘Inappropriate’: Parents rage at Playboy model’s Disney park outfit

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A model has clapped back after being shamed for wearing an “inappropriate” outfit while visiting a popular theme park.

Janaina Prazeres, a Brazilian model who featured on the cover of Playboy Norway a few months ago, visited a Disney amusement park recently, where her look turned heads — though not in the way she intended.

The 35-year-old, who was dressed in a long-sleeved top and denim-look leggings, was accused of wearing an outfit that was too form-fitting for a family venue, the New York Post reports.

Parents were up in arms over her outfit choice, labelling the pants and top too “sensual” for the setting.

“This influencer needs to understand that there is a time and place for everything. Disney is not the place to wear such sensual clothes,” one person wrote.

“As a parent, I feel uncomfortable seeing influencers wear such revealing clothes at Disney. I want my children to enjoy the experience without being exposed to it,” another said.

The model, dubbed the “perfect woman” by the Norwegian version of the popular men’s magazine, is unfazed about what other people have to say.

“I wear what makes me feel good and confident. I’m not here to please everyone. If they don’t like it, that’s their problem,” she wrote alongside a photo of her ensemble on Instagram Stories.

The criticism of Prazeres’ Disney outfit has done little to deter the Playboy model from her racy career, often sharing photos of herself wearing minimal clothing with her 60,000 followers.

In one recent snap, the model – who has spent over $US300,000 ($A462,249) on cosmetic surgery – can be seen posing topless on a balcony while in another she’s wearing a revealing bodysuit.

In a recent interview discussing her decision to go under the knife, Prazeres said she believes being “beautiful is the secret to a better life”.

“I love feeling more beautiful – I always try to make my self-esteem high,” she told MailOnline in November 2023.

“So if I can invest in (my beauty) I don’t save… I will definitely spend more.”

On the list of procedures she claims to have had include high-definition liposuction, two nose jobs, boob jobs and a Brazilian butt lift. She’s also had a rib bone removed.

“We have to take advantage of what medicine offers,” she claimed.