I’m a Celebrity: Skye Wheatley reveals ‘scary’ impact of viral backlash and admits she now ‘restricts’ herself

Skye Wheatley has revealed the devastating impact of viral backlash against her that saw her axed from Celebrity Big Brother.

Wheatley, 30, was set to join fellow legends of the franchise, including Reggie Sorensen, who went on to win the season, as well as Tim Dormer, Tully Smyth and Layla Subritzky.

However, she claimed a controversial Instagram Q&A about her longtime partner Lachlan Waugh just two weeks out from shooting prompted harsh backlash, and saw her booted from the show via email.

Opening up on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here tonight, which airs on 10 and 10Play, Wheatley hit out at social media trolls for “twisting” her words at the time.

“It started blowing up, getting posted to other pages,” she said.

“She’s making her partner have unconsensual sex. I had to post an apology explaining myself. “It’s the perfect example of how things get twisted. The business that we started at the time, Good People Apparal, I think that’s where the name for it actually came from. I would often vent to my best friend and say like why can’t people just be good people?”

Days before filming for Celebrity Big Brother began in late 2021, Wheatley received an email from Channel 7 representatives cutting her from the show’s line-up of stars.

The backlash was sparked by Wheatley making a throwaway comment about her sex life on social media.

One fan asked who was dominant in the bedroom.

Wheatley replied that if she was in the mood she “wasn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer”, but added that her boyfriend enjoyed it when she initiated sex.

Wheatley said she now has to restrict things she might say in case social media manages to take any remarks out of context.

“All these brands that sponsored me they said they didn’t want to be associated with me because of the hate surrounding my name,” she continued. “Now I’m constantly paranoid about what I’m saying. I’m always worrying I’m offending someone or have said something rude. I know things can be taken so far out of context that it’s scary, so I have had to restrict myself a lot in what I say.”

Meanwhile, Wheatley has emerged as an outspoken figure on this year’s I’m A Celeb.

During the first two episodes alone, she asked former Studio 10 host Tristan MacManus if he was the “TV love rat”, candidly opened up about her several cosmetic surgeries, and described herself as an “influenza” [influencer].