I’m A Celebrity: Frankie Muniz in tears over heartbreaking realisation

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I’m A Celebrity star Frankie Muniz had a heartbreaking realisation in the jungle that left him emotional.

Muniz, who rose to fame on Malcolm in the Middle, was asked by his campmates whether he felt is career as a child actor had an impact on his family dynamics.

The former actor, who began the show when he was just 11, recalled being pulled away from his family at a young age and shared that his career eventually sparked the end of his parent’s marriage entirely.

“Malcolm took us out to LA,” he recalls on tonight’s episode of I’m A Celebrity Australia on Channel 10. “Me and my mum went, but my sister stayed with my dad in Northern Carolina.

“But my mum and dad ended up getting a divorce during that time. So in that sense it’s kind of sad to think about that it really did separate the family,” he continued, becoming visibly emotional as his eyes began to fill with tears.

“Like it just hit me right now. It essentially was my career that separated our whole family. I don’t know how much positive it brought to the family. I wasn’t a part of the family since I was 11 because that’s when I left.”

Later on, Muniz reflected over his realisation, and revealed his excitement to return to his family and share his thanks for all the “sacrifices” they made to allow him to make a name for himself in Hollywood.

“I think my family made a million sacrifices to support my career. I’m excited to give them the recognition they deserve, and that maybe I was too selfish to give,” added the star. “I can’t get out of here to tell them I appreciate them. I’m not sure I’ve ever said those words to them.”

Speaking to news.com.au before entering the South African jungle last week, Muniz said he made the decision to step away from acting for his mental health, adding he’d suffered “impostor syndrome” for years. “I never felt like I fully fit in the Hollywood world, even though I was in the world. I was nominated for Emmys and Golden Globes, and I was going to all this stuff, and I was there, and I was like, how am I here?” he said.

“I hated LA, so I kind of stayed in my own little world, my own little bubble. And moving to Arizona, I did it on a whim, and I realised immediately that I started looking up.

“I started enjoying looking at trees and birds in the sky. Going to the grocery store was a fun thing. You don’t get that in LA. It’s a miserable experience.”

You can watch the full moment with Muniz on I’m A Celebrity at 7.30pm tonight on 10 and 10 Play.