I’m A Celeb: Shock as Denise Drysdale becomes first star out the jungle

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The first celebrity has been voted out of this year’s series of I’m A Celebrity Australia.

Denise Drysdale has been eliminated in the jungle’s first booting of the 2024 series.

The Aussie TV legend became the first shock elimination of the series after arriving late in the jungle.

There were gasps among campmates when Rob Irwin announced the star’s name, but she appeared anything but upset at the prospect of returning to civilisation.

“Oh, it was more than what I expected,” confessed Drysdale when she sat down with Irwin and Julia Morris.

When asked if she felt “bittersweet” about being the first celebrity out of the jungle, she admitted: “Can I say not so bitter?! It’s sweet! I’m sorry, I have to be – I have to be completely honest!”

“It is s**t in there!” she continued. “It is s**t, it’s unbelievable! The dunnies, the dirt! Now I’m a clean person – there’s dirt upon dirt upon dirt upon dirt.”

The Aussie legend added: “But I’m so glad that I’ve done it. I’ve done it and I’m proud of myself. So I must say thank you to the Celebrity people for giving me the opportunity to prove to myself I can go in there and do it.”

Viewers were stunned, with one tweeting: “What on earth?!” while another added: “People saved Callum over DENISE??”

Meanwhile, earlier this week host Rob Irwin watched on in horror as one of the star’s of this year’s series had a bloody encounter with a rat.

It was Ellie Cole’s turn for to have a go at a jungle trial, and she was faced with being lowered down into a pit with all sorts of creepy-crawlies and critters hidden away in holes she had to reach inside for a precious star.

There was one hole in particular that proved especially tough for Cole, who quickly learned that rats can be territorial little critters.

As she reached in for the star, one of the rats quickly launched an attack and latched onto the swimmer, refusing to let go.

Cole screamed out in pain as Irwin exclaimed: “Oh my god it’s latched on! Get your hand out!”

“Oh my god it hurts! It hurts,” exclaimed Cole.

Julia Morris echoed her co-hosts concern, shouting: “Get your hand out! Ellie get your hand out. Get your hand out! Let’s move on from that one.