Horseback UberEats delivery in Sydney sends internet into meltdown

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Residents of up-market Sydney suburb Paddington are used to dining on the hoof but rarely is their food delivered by horseback.

Locals were therefore surprised to see a man in an UberEats branded uniform deliver someone’s takeaway on a black horse on Wednesday.

He was being guided through the streets by his phone, which was attached to his helmet.

Horse seen delivering UberEats in Sydney

People stopped in the street to take pictures and videos as the horse strolled past boutiques and restaurants.

A video of the moment has amassed more than 800 views on TikTok with people from around the world commenting on the “coolest Uber ever”.

“No wonder my food is cold, the delivery guy only had 1 horsepower,” one person joked.

“Well the price of fuel is ridiculous,” said another.

Uber are investigating the incident after being made aware of the video, 7News reports.

“There’s no horsing around when it comes to safety on our platform,” a spokesman said

“We’re aware which ‘neigh’-bourhood this took place in, and this ain’t Texas, it’s Paddington.

“We hold ‘em to a higher safety standard here, and it’s against our policy to make deliveries via horseback.”

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