Horse trots into Warwick Farm Station and casually waits for train to pass by

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Have you heard the one about a horse that walked into a train station?

It might seem like a tall tale, but it actually happened in Sydney’s southwest on Friday night.

Just before midnight, CCTV footage captured a horse casually trotting onto the platform at Warwick Farm Station in a “spur of the moment trip” escaping a massive downpour in the car park.

While horses are a common sight at Warwick Farm, you are more likely to see them running around the circuit at one of Australia’s most well known racecourses rather than trotting about the train station.

The security cameras show the horse coming out of a gate and entering the train station from the car park.

It casually walked up and down the platform for about five minutes, with Transport for NSW certain the horse was on its way to Horsely Park to “stirrup” some trouble.

“It’s a tail that makes you say ‘whoa,’” they said.

When a train pulled into the station, the horse waited patiently for it to stop, then decided to trot off.

The Sydney Trains security team was alerted to the incident by police and trains near the area were told to slow down.

The horses owner came down to the station about 15 minutes later to rein in the horse and take it home.

“The equine was safely reined in and is in a ‘stable’ condition,” a spokesperson said.

“Passengers are reminded they shouldn’t horse around on train platforms and should stay behind the yellow line.”