Hollywood star’s wild co-star allegations

Oscar nominated actress Abigail Breslin has alleged that she was “afraid to be alone” with her co-star Aaron Eckhart while filming their latest project.

Details have emerged revealing that Breslin, who rose to fame in Little Miss Sunshine, wrote a letter to SAG-AFTRA in which she made numerous claims about Eckhart, who’s best known for his roles in The Dark Night and Erin Brockovich.

The pair’s action-thriller Classified, which also stars actor Tim Roth, wrapped shooting in May in the country of Malta.

However, sadly production was seemingly not as smooth as the studio may have hoped.

While filming, Breslin reportedly accused her co-star of “aggressive, demeaning and unprofessional” behaviour.

It’s reported that Breslin demanded several changes be made to the production following her claims, and allegedly said if her demands were not met that she would cease filming.

The allegations surfaced as part of a lawsuit that production has filed against Breslin, claiming that her accusations cost the project over $80,000 US dollars.

“During the course of production, the entire production almost ground to a halt when Breslin advised the production of Eckhart’s of aggressive, demeaning, and unprofessional behaviour which she insisted placed her at various times in peril,” said the lawsuit.

“In order for the production to continue, among other things. Breslin refused to be alone in several scenes with Eckhart and costly accommodations had to be made by the production to accommodate Breslin’s demands or else Breslin would not continue to perform her contractual obligations.”

The producers claim that an investigation on set “found no evidence in support to Breslin’s wild, hysterical, and imaginary allegations against Eckhart.”

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It’s claimed in the lawsuit that the “unnecessary accommodations made for Breslin, whose claims were specious, cost the production over $80,000.”

Producers also claim that Abigail is “extorting” them by demanding a $35,000 payment as a condition for signing paperwork that is required to be signed in order for the film to be released.

A representative for Breslin told Rolling Stone in response to the reports: “Ms. Breslin categorically denies all contended allegations and unequivocally stands by her statement which she provided confidentially to SAG.”