Hitwicket x Harsha Bhogle collaboration aims to enhance the cricket gaming experience for fans

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The cricket gaming startup, Hitwicket, has announced a partnership with the renowned cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle aimed at elevating the cricket gaming experience for fans around the world. Bhogle will assume the role of a strategic investor, leveraging his profound insights to collaborate on innovative cricket content with Hitwicket, blending his extensive cricket expertise with the virtual realm of mobile gaming.

With a user base exceeding 5 million downloads worldwide, Hitwicket immerses players in a virtual environment where they act as team owners, coaches, and captains, ensuring sustained engagement. Bhogle’s involvement is anticipated to propel Hitwicket’s global reach to 50 million downloads within the next two years.

Harsha Bhogle joins forces with Hitwicket to transform mobile cricket gaming

Harsha Bhogle, a celebrated personality in the international cricket broadcasting realm, boasts over four decades of involvement as a cricket commentator. His profound understanding and fervor for the sport have firmly established him as “The Voice of Cricket”.

The ambition of Hitwicket to transform mobile cricket gaming and its capacity to elevate the sport in untapped global markets prompted Harsha’s collaboration with the brand. Hitwicket seeks to harness Harsha’s unmatched cricketing acumen to collaboratively craft distinctive gaming encounters for cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

Hitwicket is bridging cultures through Cricket

Hitwicket has undergone a transformation over time, introducing new components through technological advancements. It has gained acknowledgment for crafting a game that strikes an optimal balance between simplicity and complexity. On average, users from India spend 3.4 hours weekly on mid-core games, while Hitwicket’s users dedicate 4.9 hours weekly to the app, indicating its significant appeal to cricket enthusiasts globally.

Moreover, 19% of Hitwicket’s user base comprises women, marking one of the highest ratios among sports games. Its interface and gameplay cater to individuals aged 10 to 60, ensuring accessibility. Hitwicket boasts a presence in 109 countries, with India, Australia, the UK, and the USA ranking as its top four markets. Cricket is gradually gaining traction in the USA, with initiatives like Major League Cricket and the upcoming T20 Cricket World Cup scheduled for June 2024.

Eminent franchise owners such as Satya Nadella, Shah Rukh Khan, and Mukesh Ambani are actively supporting the sport’s expansion in the region. Hitwicket has effectively served as a bridge for American audiences to comprehend cricket, evidenced by its 2X growth in the market over the last three months, with 40% of users being introduced to the sport for the first time.

Hitwicket is leading the Made in India gaming revolution

As Hitwicket continues its thrilling trajectory, the company remains steadfast in its dedication to influencing the trajectory of mobile gaming as a prominent cricket entity originating from India, captivating users across the globe.

Image via Hitwicket Cricket Games

Amidst a field predominantly occupied by international offerings, Hitwicket distinguishes itself as a distinctive Indian gaming platform, acknowledged for its ingenuity and engrossing gaming encounters. Positioned favorably, it aims to emerge as the premier homegrown gaming venture representing India on a global scale, captivating aficionados of sports from local and international arenas alike.

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