Hilarious $49 Bunnings item causing a stir

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A bird-inspired motion sensor from one of the country’s biggest DIY hardware stores has left some shoppers in stitches.

Lytworx Motion Sensor Laughing Kookaburra, which is covered in fluffy material and features an agape beak, is for sale at Bunnings for $49.

But a display for the fluffy outdoor device has left some Reddit users scratching their heads at the sight of it.

“Kookaburra quality. Bunnings you’ve outdone yourself,” images of the kookaburra stood on top of a stack of boxes was captioned.

Other Reddit users were quick to weigh in on the Laughing Kookaburra, which detects motion within five metres and laughs to warn the buyer.

“That kooka looks like it’s been made by a child. A very untalented child. What an insult to those beautiful, cheeky birds,” one social media user commented.

Another said: “If international post from Australia wasn’t so blindingly expensive, every single one of my relatives would be getting this buzzard next Christmas.”

“When they make a kid’s drawing real. I think there’s a TV show for this,” another social media user joked.

One said: “I spotted these in Bunnings the other day and was crying with laughter. They are even more hideous than the photo would suggest.”

“The laughing is provided by you when you see it,” another social media user commented in the Reddit thread about the product.

Other social media users compared it to an angry seagull while some asked if it was meant to be a deterrent for animals such as owls.

However, a photograph at a very different angle showed a new side to the bird that appeared softer and a closer match in image to the kookaburra it was based off.

The image shows the bird’s majestic wings that really drive home the unique decoration a new look.

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