Heidi Klum reveals outrageous 2023 Halloween outfit

By this point, we all know Halloween hasn’t really happened until Heidi Klum unveils her latest absurdly over-the-top costume.

The supermodel is the undisputed Queen of Halloween, hosting an annual celeb-filled bash each year and always making sure none of her guests upstage her.

After earlier sharing that her costume would be “really extra” this year (even by Heidi Klum standards?), Klum has walked the red carpet at her Halloween bash dressed as a peacock, with a small army of people making up her plumage and even an egg:

Klum revealed on the red carpet that it took six hours to get into costume for the party.

It’s been 12 months but we’re still recovering from Klum’s 2022 costume: An enormous, slimy worm. She admitted on the red carpet last year that she felt incredibly claustrophobic in the costume, which left her virtually immobile and in which only her nose, mouth and eyes were visible:

Here are some of Klum’s other Halloween highlights from the past 20 years:

2018: Princess Fiona from Shrek

2017: Michael Jackson in the Thriller video

2016: Herself, among an army of Heidi clones:

2015: Jessica Rabbit

2014: A butterfly

2013: Herself as an old woman

2012: Cleopatra

2011: An ape, with then-husband Seal

2010: An alien transformer

2009: A crow, again with Seal

Also 2011: A skinned human

2008: the Hindu goddess Kali

2007: A cat

2006: A snake with the forbidden apple

2002: Betty Boop.

“I have sleepless nights over Halloween, you have no idea!” Klum told People Magazine recently about her legendary looks.

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“There is no rehearsal. I can’t rehearse this – it’s only on the day. I always hope that it works out!”

I always try to find things that people naturally wouldn’t do,” she continued.

“Most people do nurses or police officers, but I was always looking for something that I hadn’t seen.”