Hearthstone announces a new Battlegrounds Duos mode with exciting rewards

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A thrilling addition to Hearthstone has emerged in the form of Battlegrounds Duos mode. In Duos, pairs of individual players join forces to collectively manage their life total, exchange cards, and collaborate in tandem to confront adversaries. Whether queuing up alone or with a companion, players can seize control of the Tavern and embark on this new cooperative adventure.

Discover Special Synergies and Shared Strategies in Hearthstone Battlegrounds Duos mode

In the new Special Synergies mode, Duos introduces heroes and minions exclusive to this gameplay, designed to enhance the cooperative experience. These cards are tailored to interact with Duos mechanics, such as empowering teammates or incentivizing collaboration.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Duos mode
Image via Activision

Within Duos, four teams of two compete, sharing a collective life total. Combat proceeds sequentially, with one team engaging first until they defeat both opponents or are eliminated. In the event of defeat, the second team steps in to continue the battle. Conversely, if the initial team triumphs over both opponents, the second team joins in to amplify the assault on the opposing side.

Experience enhanced partnership dynamics in Hearthstone Battlegrounds Duos mode

Pinging and Sharing Cards” emphasizes the significance of partnership in Duos mode. The introduction of a new portal facilitates seamless communication between partners, allowing them to easily switch between viewing each other’s boards.

Image via Activision

For a nominal fee of 1 Gold, players can transmit cards from their hand to their teammate through the portal. Additionally, Duos features a pinging system akin to emotes, enabling players to highlight items in the shop they believe their partner may find useful, fostering efficient communication and strategic coordination.

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