Hamish Blake reveals what really happened during Sonia Kruger’s awkward Gold Logie speech

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Hamish Blake has finally addressed Sonia Kruger’s headline-making Gold Logie speech last year.

The Australian comedian, 42, lost TV’s most coveted gong to the Channel 7 host at the 2023 awards ceremony in July, with Kruger’s acceptance speech raising eyebrows after she claimed their shared manager Mark Clements wanted to dump Blake as a client.

Kruger, 58, couldn’t help but rub salt in the wound during her award win, revealing a private conversation she had with Clements about Blake prior to the Logies, in which she said Clements had privately told her he thought “people are a little over” Blake.

“He said, ‘Frankly I am hoping that [Blake] will leave the agency so I can concentrate all of my efforts on you, Sonia,’” Kruger said – as the camera cut to an awkward-looking Blake seated at his table.

Speaking on Stellar’s Something To Talk About podcast, Blake said the broadcast “unfortunately” didn’t catch him laughing about it with fellow comedian Andy Lee and wife Zoe Foster Blake.

“The camera cut to me and I went for a joke of my own, which was pretend to be shocked, like ‘What? I can’t believe I’m hearing that my manager thinks this,’ and then laughing afterwards because I’m joking around with Andy [Lee] and my wife sitting next to me,” Blake said.

“But the camera had cut away by the time I was laughing at Sonia’s joke, so to the room it probably looks like it hasn’t gone down well.”

Further, Blake said, he missed the ensuing media storm that engulfed Kruger the next morning due to taking regular stints away from social media. He later emailed the TV host to express support for her.

“Foolishly or not, I sometimes take [time] off Instagram, so I just wasn’t on social media… I didn’t realise [what was going on] until late into the next day, and by that stage the news cycle is gone,” he said.

“I probably should have posted something and said, ‘I don’t care about this at all’, but I just wasn’t paying attention to it, so unfortunately for Son, the blowback happened.

“I can’t remember if she emailed me or I emailed her, but I realised late that next day that she was copping heat for this so I think I emailed her and just went, ‘Hey, if this is a bother, I don’t care at all.’

“I know what it’s like to be up there. Your mind’s racing, you’re trying to think of something to say. People are exhausted. Everyone on stage is going for gags the whole night. Some hit, some don’t. It’s not a big deal.”

Kruger did address her failed joke on radio the next morning, saying her brain was “scrambled” by the end of the night, adding she’d left her pre-prepared speech in her purse.

“I had written something. It was in my bag so that didn’t help, so I kind of just had to wing it and my brain was so scrambled,” Kruger said, estimating she’d been “going since 8am” and was “dreaming about cheeseburgers and fries in my room” when her name was called.

She added, “It’s great because we’ve all known each other for a long time and a lot of us have been around for a long time but also, you kind of want to impress them with something witty or funny and sometimes it doesn’t come off.

“I was making the joke about our agent, Hamish and I, and I think people took it seriously. It was an absolute joke and the agent found it funny, I hope Hamish did too. I must give him an apology email.”

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