Guardians of Alicia, an RPG title gets early access in selected regions for Android

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LOST: Guardians of Alicia is a new RPG title brought to you by Playbest Limited. The game, LOST: Guardians of Alicia has received early access for Android in the UK and Romania. The game can be accessed via Google Play.

LOST: Guardians of Alicia aims to deliver a medieval fantasy role-playing experience

The game, LOST: Guardians of Alicia takes you back in time, on a mysterious journey across the continent of Alicia. In the game, you will have the liberty of choosing your heroes from a variety of different roster of heroes. In the game, you have to rescue the continent, unravel ancient secrets, form alliances with different racial powers, and elevate yourself in battles for ultimate dominance.

LOST: Guardians of Alicia early access, LOST: Guardians of Alicia
Image via Playbest Limited

The continent has its secrets and you can unravel them and explore them to the depths. In each exploration, meet elves, orcs, demons, dragons, and more from over 10 different races. Apart from the main storyline, there are several types of sidequests in the game on the map as you discover them they can provide you with different experience points essential for progressing in the game further.

The combat in the game is turn-based and hence it implies the strategic allocation of heroes on the battlefield as every move can dictate the result of the battles. Strengthen and upgrade your hero’s attributes by crafting equipment, synthesizing starstones, obtaining artifacts to change hero classes, and unlocking powerful skills and attributes. The stronger your hero is the stronger your chance to succeed.

Android users from the selected regions can start exploring the land of Alicia

The game, LOST: Guardians of Alicia as stated before is now available for Android. If you reside in the select regions where it is available, you can access it via Google Play. There is still no information regarding an iOS release, hence stay tuned.

LOST: Guardians of Alicia early access, LOST: Guardians of Alicia
Image via Playbest Limited

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