Gross sight in Brisbane woman’s underwear drawer

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An Australian woman was rifling through her underwear drawer when she came across an unsettling and “confronting” sight.

Heading off to bed recently, Vicki, a mum from Brisbane, noticed her dogs going “berserk” in the direction of her drawers.

She thought nothing of it and headed off to bed.

“The next morning she woke up and she was getting ready to go to work, she opened up her underwear drawer and found this family of baby, I’m assuming mice or rats,” Vicki’s perplexed daughter Phoebe told Yahoo News Australia.

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Huddled on a blanket were eight newborns with no fur and with their eyes still closed.

Vicki said she believed the creatures must have been just a few hours old when she discovered them.

“It’s bizarre. I have absolutely no idea how the mum would have gotten in there,” said Phoebe.

She added that the dogs may have scared the mum of the babies away.

Vicki and Phoebe took the collection of critters to the vets in a shoebox. But even they were baffled.

“The vet thought they were probably either rats or mice but they had no idea,” Phoebe said.

The daughter said her mum was “Doctor Doolittle” and so was the best person to discover the unidentified animals.

“She will go out of her way to save a mosquito,” Phoebe said.

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