Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester spotted on Gold Coast

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Famous American actress Leighton Meester, known best for her iconic role on hit series Gossip Girl, has been spotted soaking up the sun on Queensland’s Gold Coast this week.

The beloved actress, 37, is best known for her portrayal of Blair Waldorf in famed drama series.

Meester was seen happily posing for photographs on Friday with fans outside the Burleigh Pavilion bar in Burleigh Heads.

One fan took to social media to reveal how their encounter with Meester went down.

“I went to the bouncer and I’m like, ‘is that her’, and they were like, ‘Yeah, go up to her’,” she wrote.

The fan went on to reveal that Meester saw the pair glancing over and invited them to come up and take a picture without them having to ask.

“She could see us literally staring at her!” added the fan.

Another fan who saw the TikTok video revealed that had been “sat across” from Meester at nearby pizzeria Justin Lane last weekend.

“I sat across from her at Justin Lane last Saturday night. At first I wasn’t sure if it was her and now I’ve come across your video!!!!” wrote the user.

Meester is in Australia for the production of her new Stan TV series, Good Cop/Bad Cop.

The eight-part series will see Meester and Aussie actor Luke Cook portray sibling detectives in a small Pacific Northwest police force.

Together they must deal with the colourful locals, a serious lack of resources and a complicated relationship with police chief, Big Hank – who doubles as their father.

Meanwhile, Meester recently opened up about her marriage to Adam Brody – nearly 10 years, and two kids, in.

When asked about her marriage recently by E! News, Meester called it a “normal relationship – with all the good and the hard”.

The Gossip Girl star added that she and her husband “just make it work” no matter what.

“We’re super, super lucky, and I think we recognise how lucky we are with one another. We give each other a lot of respect and time and attention and focus. Like, really put our time and energy into a relationship,” she said.

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