Genshin Impact Version 4.6 “Two Worlds Aflame, the Crimson Night Fades” will arrive on April 24, 2024

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HoYoverse unveiled that Genshin Impact Version 4.6, titled “Two Worlds Aflame, the Crimson Night Fades,” is scheduled for release on April 24. In this update, players can expect the introduction of Arlecchino, the fourth Fatui Harbinger, who will be available as both a recruitable team member and a Weekly Boss.

Additionally, adventurers will have the opportunity to explore a new area within the world of Teyvat, Fontaine, which holds the secrets of a long-lost underwater empire. In Inazuma, a music festival and a new rhythm game event promise to captivate participants with their excitement.

Arlecchino returns in Genshin Impact Version 4.6

Arlecchino, also known as the “Knave” and Fourth among the Fatui Harbingers, is set to reappear before players in a new guise as a playable 5-star Pyro polearm wielder and as the latest addition to the Weekly Boss lineup. In combat, Arlecchino’s abilities revolve around a mechanic called “Bond of Life,” intended to prevent healing effects on its target.

Genshin Impact Version 4.6 Arlecchino
Image by HoYoverse

However, Arlecchino cleverly exploits this mechanic to bolster her own offensive capabilities. She may display a “Bond of Life” bar above her health gauge, which, when reaching or surpassing a specific percentage of her health, triggers an offensive state. This state augments the strength of her Normal Attacks and imbues them with unalterable Pyro damage, depleting her Bond of Life in the process.

To sustain this bond, Arlecchino can impose and collect Blood-Debt Directives on her adversaries. Additionally, her unique Talent dictates that her Elemental Burst is her sole means of receiving healing effects during combat.

New weekly boss Arlecchino introduces the Bond of Life Challenge in Genshin Impact Version 4.6

As a newly introduced Weekly Boss, Arlecchino intends to enforce a Blood-Debt Directive upon any players daring to challenge her. Those subjected to this directive will suffer from the Bond of Life effect, experiencing heightened vulnerability to her attacks and finding themselves unable to receive healing. However, those who successfully settle their debt will receive a substantial enhancement to their Charged Attack. Additionally, Arlecchino holds the endearing nickname of “Father” among the children residing in the House of the Hearth. Further insights into both the House and Arlecchino herself will be unveiled through her Story Quest titled “Ignis Purgatorius.”

Arlecchino is slated to debut during the initial phase of the Version 4.6 Event Wishes, alongside the rerun of Lyney. This will be followed by the appearance of Wanderer and Baizhu in the latter half. The forthcoming 5-star polearm known as “Crimson Moon’s Semblance” will also make its debut in the first segment of Version 4.6, focusing primarily on combat functionalities centered around the Bond of Life mechanic.

Explore the Mysterious Underwater Empire in Version 4.6

For those seeking adventure, Version 4.6 introduces an uncharted expanse featuring a vast enigmatic underwater kingdom waiting to be discovered. Nestled within the depths of the Sea of Bygone Eras lies the remnants of Remuria, an ancient empire that thrived and fell long before the emergence of the Court of Fontaine. Unveiling its “Symphony” will prove pivotal in activating ancient mechanisms and millennia-old contraptions. As the journey unfolds, individuals may encounter a unique dragon and confront the formidable new adversary known as “Legatus Golem.”

On Watatsumi Island in Inazuma, players will have the opportunity to assist Itto in preparing for the “Iridescent Arataki Rockin’ for Life Tour de Force of Awesomeness,” alongside partaking in a fresh rhythm-based gaming event. Additionally, players will gain the ability to customize their own rhythm games and challenge friends through sharing codes. As a bonus, they’ll have the chance to obtain the newly introduced musical instrument, the “Nightwind Horn.”

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