Gen Zers go viral for answer to survival question

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“Would you rather be stuck in the forest with a man or a bear?”

There’s a new trend cementing itself in internet culture where people take to the streets, stop young people, and ask them random questions.

The bear question might seem obvious. Who would want to be stuck in the wild with an untrained animal? But the answers were surprising.

Seven women were stopped and asked the bear question. Only one replied that she’d take her chances with a man over a bear.

A woman replied that she’d choose a bear because men are “scary.” Another said she’d pick a bear because they don’t always “attack.”

“Depending what man … but probably a bear,” one noted.

One woman said it was “terrifying” to admit, but she’d 100 per cent choose to have to deal with a wild bear over an unknown man.

Another woman said it was “definitely” a bear because some men are “scary out there.”

“I’ve heard about bears. They don’t always attack right? Unless you like f**k with them. So maybe a bear,” one said.

Viral Bear Question divides internet

After six women declared they’d choose the bear option, one woman broke the trend and said she’d choose a man over being confronted by a bear in the wild.

“I would say a man,” she admitted.

The video has now amassed over 1.4 million likes and thousands of comments over the viral survival question.

The comment section was filled with women sharing the sad reasons they’d pick a grizzly bear over an unfamiliar man.

“A bear, people would believe me if I said a bear attacked me,” one wrote, and from there, the answers came pouring in.

“The bear lives there. The man probably followed me.”

“No one would ask what I was wearing if I got attacked by a bear.”

“As a man, bear 100 per cent.”

“The bear wouldn’t attack me for fun but for survival.”

“No one is going to blame my skirt if a bear attacks me.”

While bears might have been the popular choice, only some were convinced that wild animals were better.

“They are all lying; I guarantee faced with a bear, everybody would take their chances with some random guy,” one claimed.

“Clearly never seen a hungry grizzly bear in person.” another said.

“They only say bear because they’ve never seen a bear in the wild,” another argued.