Gaza, Israel: Peter Dutton’s swipe at Penny Wong over Palestine comments

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Opposition Leader Peter Dutton says Penny Wong’s speech suggesting the possible future recognition of a Palestinian state is the “most reckless act” by a foreign minister in two decades.

In a speech on Wednesday night, Mr Dutton also said Senator Wong had added to “a national moral fog, which has made anti-Semitism permissible”.

While Senator Wong did not commit Australia to recognise a Palestinian state during her speech on Tuesday night, she did say recognising Palestinian statehood would help “build momentum towards a two-state solution” with Israel.

Mr Dutton, who has stood firmly by Israel since the October 7 attack by Hamas, told a Liberal Party fundraiser event in Sydney that a two-state solution was not conceivable until Hamas was gone.

“This reality makes the Foreign Minister’s remarks last night utterly illogical, ill-timed and inappropriate,” Mr Dutton said.

“For a crass domestic political win, Penny Wong has irreparably damaged our relations with our ally Israel – an ally who has shared intelligence with us and thwarted terrorist attacks against our own interests, including against members of the Australian Defence Force.

“It is the most reckless act of a Foreign Minister I have seen in my 22 years in the parliament, and it has weakened our international standing.”

Mr Dutton further accused the government of allowing ”an anti-Semitic rot afflicting our nation, our society, and our institutions”.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has also called for a two-state solution but said Hamas must not have any role in a future Palestinian state, describing it as a terrorist organisation.

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