G-string optical illusion that is baffling everyone goes viral

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A photo showing a woman appearing to flaunt her G-string at a rock concert has left people scratching their heads after the seemingly X-rated image went viral.

The surprising optical illusion shows a blonde reveller putting on a cheeky display as she sits on someone’s shoulders to watch the show – but not all is what it seems.

The racy image was recently shared on X, formerly Twitter, alongside the caption: “Poor guys can’t see … I hate when this happens!”

In the snap, the woman in the picture can be seen enjoying a gig while giving the performers a rock ‘n’ roll hand symbol.

But viewers eyes are more drawn to the bottom half of the picture, as it appears she has her “booty” on full display to those around her, similtaniously blocking their view of the stage in the process.

However, the image is actually something far more innocent, can you work it out?

If you’ve not worked it out yet, the woman’s “rear” is formed by two bald heads standing very close to one another, behind her in the crowd.

And what looks like a G-string is actually the woman’s long black T-shirt.

The hilarious image has the internet in stitches.

“I thought she had a weird shaped, uneven pair of butt cheeks but it’s just two baldies,” one wrote.

“I thought her G-string was too tight,” explained another.

While someone declared: “OMG! I had to do a double take on that pic. I thought those heads were her bottom!”

What colours do you see?

The image was shared previously shared on Reddit, with the title “big booty”, back in June 2022 where it sparked a similar response.

“I hate to admit this took me as long as it did,” one shared

Another said: “This isn’t accidental camouflage.”

“Best laugh I’ve had all day! Y’all get your minds out of the gutter!” chipped one.

A fourth wrote: “OMG!…hilarious”.