‘Finally’: New Polly Waffle hits shelves

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Australians finally have a date for when a cult chocolate bar will finally land on the shelves 15 years after it disappeared.

The Polly Waffle, which featured wafer, marshmallow and chocolate, hasn’t been in production since it was discontinued by Nestlé 2009.

But in 2019, South Australian confectioner Robern Menz shared plans for its return after signing a deal to buy the brand for an undisclosed sum.

Plans were thwarted due to Covid, as the pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns meant Menz was hit with delays – including a delay to a $1 million cash injection from the federal government’s $50 million Manufacturing Modernisation Fund, designed to support small to medium manufacturing businesses.

The original Polly Waffle that shoppers know and love won’t be what hits the shelves.

Pollywaffle release date confirmed

Instead, it will be a 125-gram bag of Polly Waffle Bites available from retailers such as Drakes SA, Coles, Woolworths and other independent supermarkets, convenience stores and petrol stations from April 12.

It will have a recommended retail price of $5.50.

Despite the fact it won’t be released for two more days, food blogger @Russ.Eats got his hands on a packet after working with the brand in February. He was given the first bag in Australia after not leaking information about it.

“You’re about to witness the first person to try the Polly Waffle Bites in Australia,” he said, adding he would be honest about the chocolate despite previously working with the brand.

“Honestly, I forgot what a Polly Waffle tastes like so I’m going to do my best to describe the taste and texture. You break through this hard f*****g chocolate shell and then you have gritty bits of wafer through it, which is pretty f*****g yum.”

He described the marshmallow as the “perfect” texture and said the taste was best described as a vanilla KitKat.

“It’s been over ten years since customers last saw Polly Waffle on shelves, and we’re thrilled to bring an iconic Aussie treat back into their hands in the form of the Polly Waffle Bites,” Phil Sims, the Menz CEO, said.

“The team at Menz have been hard at work recreating the magic of Polly Waffle with a modern, bite-sized twist, and we appreciate the patience of the Australian public during this process.

“We can’t wait to see people enjoy the Bites as they make their way to stores across the country in the days and weeks ahead.”