Female personal trainer slammed for ‘crazy’ act during gym workout

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A personal trainer who was recording her workout at a gym has been slammed for her “wild” response when another gymgoer interrupted her video.

The fitness coach, who posts under the handle @shapedbyshiana, has captured attention from gym fans after she shared a clip of herself performing a set of dead lifts.

But the footage has gone viral for all the wrong reasons after many noticed Shiana shoo away a fellow gymgoer who stepped in front of her camera while attempting to grab weights from a nearby rack.

“I’m in the middle of a set,” she states, prompting the unidentifiable man to visibly retreat.

Joey Swoll, who runs an entire account calling out “inappropriate” gym etiquette, shared her video with his 7.5 million followers.

Woman filming workout complains about being interrupted

“As a personal trainer and coach, you need to set a better example for the gym community,” Mr Swoll captioned his video.

After her clip had played, the self-described “CEO of gym positivity, addressed the camera to publicly condemn her actions.

“Just because you’re filming at the gym does not mean that everybody else has to stop their workout just for you,” he stated.

“This man is nothing but nice to you, and you decided to put this post up anyway. Seriously?

“I hope this gym sees this and kicks your ass out.”

He also called out another post shared to her account which he said “shamed” a man using a treadmill on a steep incline, which she posted along with the message: “Please don’t be this person leaning back on treadmills.”

Mr Swoll’s video has been viewed over 20 million times in just 24 hours and has amassed almost 20,000 comments.

Most agreed with Mr Swoll, calling for gyms to “ban recording of any kind”, and stating they felt “bad” for the man she scolded.

“OMG, I wanted to cry. Poor darling man,” one said. ️

“He was nicer than I would have been,” remarked another.

As one shared: “He was so nice, makes me so sad.”

“This is so crazy and sad, bless that man’s heart,” added one.

“People like that are embarrassing,” concluded someone else.

Shiana hasn’t responded to the video, but both her Instagram and TikTok accounts have been deactivated.

The subject of banning people filming their workouts using cameras and tripods has become a heated point of contention for those who regularly frequent fitness facilities.

One Australian gym cracked down on influencers videoing their workouts, stating it would “no longer be permitted” due to ongoing privacy and safety concerns.

Doherty’s Gym, which has three locations in Melbourne and one in Perth, took the bold stance on the controversial issue in February.

“It is our duty of care to provide safety protection and privacy for all our members. Tripods have become a trip hazard and a safety concern,” the notice, shared to Instagram, said.

Doherty’s said those wanting to still film their workouts to upload to social media could purchase a “media pass” from the front desk, on the proviso that no one is filmed without their consent.

“If you must take a quick video with your phone while you are training, please be aware of anyone in the background and make sure you have their consent to post or share their image if they are,” gym owner Tony Doherty said. “Better still, put your phone down and get on with training. This may not be popular with the tripod crew, but everyone else will appreciate not having to deal with them.”

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