Farlight 84 V2.2 update brings a revamped Season system, new Currency, and more

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Farlight 84 is on track to cement itself as one of the best battle royale games available on mobile, given how their updates have been on point. Another game-changing update is hitting the game soon, with the Farlight 84 V2.2 update. I’m pretty impressed with how feature-loaded this update is, which will be coming with a revamped Season system, new Currency, and more features, which I will list in this article, so let’s head over!

Farlight 84 V2.2 update overview

The update will feature a lot of changes that the fans have been requesting for a while. Farlight 84 Version 2.2 is set for release on April 18th, marking the anniversary of the game, following the global launch of the game the same month last year.

New Season System

Farlight 84 v2.2 lobby
Image via Farlight Games

One of the talking points of the new update is the introduction of a new Season System. With this revamped system, each season lasts three months and features unique themes and challenges. The Triumph Tracker consolidates Rank tasks, Battle Pass, and Daily tasks into a more streamlined system, providing clearer goals and efficient reward collection.

New Currency: Farlight Coins

A new in-game currency, Farlight Coins, is also being introduced to the game. This is aimed to allow redeeming cosmetic items from the Farlight Store such as Maggie’s new SSR skin that will be available once the update goes live. Such coins stick around seasonally and help in making purchases whenever desired.

Improved Lobby Experience

With the Farlight 84 V2.2 update, the lobby will have its revamped touch with themed season content, squad information, and Tracker tasks popping out. New interactive features, such as the ability to look at characters and equipment and streamlined matchmaking, boost the overall experience.

Hero Adjustments

Popular heroes like Phantom and Maychelle receive skill adjustments to enhance their gameplay dynamics. Phantom gets an upgrade to her first tactical skill Portable Scout alongside a new tactical skill in Phantom Crash. Michelle will also receive a new tactical skill namely Sonic Tracking. All heroes will be getting adjustments, so keep an eye on the gameplay.

Farlight 84 v2.2 hero adjustments
Image via Farlight Games

Additionally, changes in damage and character speed aim to balance combat encounters and encourage strategic play. Previously, the balance between characters of different sizes was reflected differently, but with this update, the HP will be the same. However, the differential will be Balance, which will be adjusted according to the character’s head and body size.

Firearm, Combat, and Map Adjustments

A new mechanism of universal damage slowdown is introduced, alongside improvements to Jetslide mechanics and character balance. Weapon handling, recoil, and rate of fire are fine-tuned for all the weapons more challenging yet balanced combat. However, this has seen an increase in bullet spread but a decreased rate of fire, so we might need some adjustments to our gameplay.

Farlight 84 v2.2 weapon adjustments
Image via Farlight Games

Assembly logic for most of the weapon attachments, such as scopes, magazines, stocks, and muzzles have been adjusted too. You now have to select the magazine types based on the weapon category, which I see makes the process simpler and easier to understand.

For Maps, the Sunder Realms map sees additions like jump pads and zip lines. With the new update, jump pads and ziplines are introduced to increase vertical and horizontal mobility, and therefore make actions more intense. The map display is simplified in a way that, instead of text information, event prompts will be used for quicker decision-making. The minimap and UI elements are made smoother as well.

Revive System and Extended Items

Another type of update introduced is for the Revive System. With this, you can revive teammates by placing the Revival Device anywhere on the map. A new issue introduced for respawners is the disabling of them when the Safe Zone shrinks. New extended items such as Magazine Pouch, Medical Container, and Shield Storage offer expanded combat and survival abilities, which offer increased item carry capacity and additional attributes.

Combat and Gameplay Adjustments

There are the new Helmets feature that are introduced to offer headshot protection. Well, this was supposed to come long back, but finally, we have it. No upgrades for them, sadly. The Catapult is also upgraded, featuring a double-jump function. This earns Hero XP alongside Shield XP and makes the device more important.

Advanced Tracker Rewards and System Changes

Farlight 84 v2.2 UR skins
Image via Farlight Games

The Advanced Tracker, which applies to the season, offers unique rewards in the form of the first-ever UR hero and weapon skins, and SSR skins for all characters and weapons. The whole system including high ping, balance of squad modes, and removal of monthly and weekly card systems will be changed in a way that makes everything more advantageous for you.

Final Thoughts

Phew! Plenty of features, right? Well, I am pretty sure the developers are trying their best to provide the best battle royale experience and are honestly listening to what players have to say regarding the game. I see Farlight 84 V2.2 as a great update for improving the experience, and the future of the game looks very promising.

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