Epic Games files injunction against Google over store policy reforms

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Epic Games again favored the third-party app stores as the company filed an injunction against Google. On the 11th of April 2024, the filing was made at San Francisco US District Judge Court in California to District Judge James Donato. Epic asked a few things from the court that will allow the third-party app stores a wide window of freedom.

Epic Games injunction asked for a few changes in Google Play Store Policy

As reported by Reuters, not only did Epic ask for a six-year approval from Google on their app store to allow an app library, but it also asked for several other actions. The company asked the court to redirect Google from applying exclusive control over the developers, device manufacturers, etc.

Google has been dealing with the allegations over its store for many years now. It always defended its policy but in December 2023, the Jury ruled Play Store as an ‘illegal monopoly’. The company had to pay $700 million after losing the legal battle incurred after Google removed Fortnite from the Play Store. The company, then, opened an out-app billing opportunity for developers.

Fortnite's creators Epic Games sued Google for creating a monopoly unlawfully
Image via Epic Games

What Epic has asked in the recent injunction will increase freedom, open opportunities to earn extra revenues, limit Google’s authority, and so on. The actions consist of allowing the third-party app stores for six years in the Google Play Store, restrictions on preloading the apps that the tech giant could force manufacturers to use, and more. Epic also asked for a restriction on Google’s authority on “the ways an app can inform users about out-app-purchasing notifications”. This will limit a huge revenue for the giant if approved by the court.

Epic has been fighting long battles for many years against the app store giants

A few days ago, Epic said it wanted to stop the gatekeeping practices of the giant two companies Google and Apple. Epic also announced to bringing of its mobile app for their titles. After the win on the antitrust issue, now the company is asking for a broader opportunity not only for itself.

If the new injunction comes out as a stay order it will significantly increase the competition. Google has been abusive and held the exclusive power over the apps on its store, as found in that antitrust case. After winning that over, it was obvious that Epic would not stop here.

Cover Google Play, redeem codes google play
Image via Google Play

Epic also is in the fight against another tech giant Apple, the case was issued in 2020. Though Android users already of the freedom to install third-party app stores,  Google is on top of the dominance.  Looks like the domination is now heading the opposite.

Both of the companies haven’t commented on the issue yet. The result of this filing is uncertain yet it will open a shade of light for everyone except Google. We may watch others join in favor of Epic as well. Now, it will be interesting to watch how the mighty tech giant responds to the filing. Google has until the 3rd of May to respond.

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