Elle Macpherson overheard getting frustrated at US airport security

Elle Macpherson has allegedly been overheard snapping at border security staff at a US airport after being forced to double-back through a checkpoint.

According to Perth Now, the Australian supermodel, 59, lost her temper at Dallas Fortworth Airport recently after waiting more than 20 minutes at the security stop.

The witness reports that Macpherson became visibly frustrated after being waved through only to for staff to request she return just moments later.

“Why did you just say I could go through and then tell me I had to come back?” she demanded to the security guard, the onlooker claimed.

“You just let five people through, I was before them and now I’m at the back again.”

In photos obtained by the publication of the airport drama, Macpherson was seen looking characteristically stylish in a fluffy statement vest, cowboy boots and an over-size leopard-print Christian Dior bag.

It’s unclear why Macpherson was travelling through Dallas.

It comes after she took to social media in September to celebrate her one-year anniversary with partner Doyle Bramhall II, as well as two decades of sobriety.

“Life beyond my wildest dreams they say,” Macpherson captioned an album of the couple, describing them as “nomadic lovers”.

Late last year, she debuted the American musician as her new boyfriend with a bizarre birthday tribute video, posted on Christmas Eve.

It showed a robed Macpherson sitting cross-legged while Bramhall stood behind her in only his underwear.

The model swayed from side-to-side while they both cycled through some hand gestures, before he leaned forward to kiss her.

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“Man’s main task in life is to give birth to himself, to become what he potentially is. The most important product of this effort is his own personality,” Macpherson wrote in the caption, quoting a German philosopher.

“Happy birthday Doyle Bramhall. I’m loving this magical mystery dance we are sharing together.”