Dumb Ways to Survive, a spin-off to the viral sensation, Dumb Ways to Die is set to release exclusively on Netflix

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Dumb Ways to Survive is a spinoff to the famous, Dumb Ways to Die series. The game, Dumb Ways to Survive, is coming soon to mobile exclusively for Netflix Games. The release date for the game is not yet disclosed, however, the game will be released soon.

Solve Puzzles and use your wits to survive in the wilderness

Dumb Ways to Survive is a silly and satisfying roguelike survival adventure game that will test your skills to see if you’ll die a dummy or use your smarts to survive. The game, Dumb Ways to Survive is a spinoff of the original Dumb Ways to Die where players find the dumb ways they can die. Dumb Ways to Survive however has a different plot, here you will have to use your smarts to your advantage and find unique and different ways to survive in the wilderness.

Dumb Ways to Survive Netflix, Dumb Ways to Survive
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The game will take place out in the wilderness, although not much is known about the gameplay, it can be expected that you will have to survive the wilderness. In the open, you will have to collect, harvest and manage the resources, and hunt your way out of the wilderness. Wilderness is not a safe place as well, as it has its own set of dangers, your goal is to manage the inventory and make your way to the bean land.

Metro Trains Melbourne first launched the Dumb Ways to Die PSA in 2012 to promote rail safety, and the campaign quickly became a viral sensation. The series has released many parts in the past and has now become a recognizable brand in itself. The YouTube channel has amassed over 550 million views and the first two games released for the franchise, Dumb Ways to Die and Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games reached #1 on the charts and have generated more than 340 million downloads collectively.

Dumb Ways to Survive will be released exclusively for Netflix members

The game, Dumb Ways to Survive will be exclusively released for players on Netflix Games, hence if you are interested in trying out the game, be sure to subscribe to Netflix Games. For Netflix Games users, it will be an added advantage as the gaming catalog will get an additional title.

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