Designs Unveiled For Supersonic ‘Star Wars’ Plane That Can Travel Up To 1,150mph

Designs for a groundbreaking supersonic aircraft have been unveiled. Created by Oscar Viñals of Barcelona, the spaceship-like aircraft resembles something straight out of the Star Wars universe. The aircraft, which promises to be the next generation of commercial travel, could carry 300 passengers. Known as the “Sky OV,” the aircraft boasts a remarkable top speed of Mach 1.5, equivalent to approximately 1,150 miles per hour all while being powered by environmentally friendly electricity. Its cutting-edge features include retractable wings and a transparent ceiling, creating a truly futuristic experience. Sky OV also features bladeless engines, a translucent ceiling adorned with quantum solar dots integrated into its fuselage, and the ability to fold its wings. The aircraft is remarkably quiet, faster than current commercial planes, and capable of covering extensive distances. Oscar said he already has a military version of Sky OV in his drafts – but is still a far-away reality. “These types of conceptual projects require a large amount of financing and technologies that today only exist in laboratories,” he explained.

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