Daniel Radcliffe’s David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived spotlights accident that left Harry Potter stunt double paralysed

Daniel Radcliffe brings to screen the story of his Harry Potter stunt double who was tragically left paralysed after a horrific on-set accident, with the trailer released today.

The British star acts as executive producer on the upcoming HBO documentary, David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived, which follows the life of David Holmes, a prodigious teenage gymnast who was Radcliffe’s stunt double in the franchise since it premiered in 2001.

The pair met when they were children and developed a close bond over the years. In the doco – which will air locally on BINGE – Radcliffe said Holmes was “like a cool older brother” and Holmes said being Radcliffe’s lead stunt double “the best job in the world”.

However, tragedy struck in 2010 while filming the second last movie, Deathly Hallows Part 1, when Holmes broke his neck on set in a stunt gone wrong, which resulted in a debilitating spinal injury.

He spent the next six months in hospital and the accident changed his life forever.

“As Daniel and [David’s] closest stunt colleagues rally to support David and his family in their moment of need, it is David’s extraordinary spirit of resilience that becomes their greatest source of strength and inspiration,” reads a synopsis for the documentary.

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The film will feature candid personal footage shot over the last decade and behind-the-scenes material from Holmes’ stunt work.

There will also be heartwarming footage and images of his life now as well as interviews with his friends, family and crew members, one of which called the accident the “worst day in the film business that I’ve ever had”.

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Colleagues such as Radcliffe are also interviewed, with Holmes saying they helped him “find the light in the darkest of places” after his accident.

Above all, Radcliffe says the doco will celebrate the inspirational Holmes and his extraordinary spirit of resilience.

“This terrible thing happened to Dave, but I don’t want to talk as if his life is a tragedy,” Radcliffe said in the trailer.

“The way his life has affected the lives of people around him means that it is the furthest thing from that imaginable.”

David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived premieres Thursday, November 16 on BINGE and on FOX Docos at 10pm and available On Demand.

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