‘Couple goals’: Isla Fisher’s TV interview amid secret split from Sacha Baron Cohen

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Questions have been raised over the true timeline of Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen’s marriage breakdown after footage resurfaced of the Australian actor gloating about her happy relationship in a TV interview just two months ago.

In matching statements released by the former couple this week however, they claimed they filed for divorce last year.

The apparent discrepancy has left many to wonder whether the marriage breakdown actually unfolded more recently, with some reports linking it to Baron Cohen’s recent public spat with Rebel Wilson.

Appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show in February, Fisher was asked about her Valentine’s Day plans.

The 48-year-old explained every year Baron Cohen, 52, gives her a card that says ‘Happy Valentine’s, from ?’.

“As if anybody else would send me a [card], as if I have any other Valentine’s, like, I’m a mother of three,” she said.

“Men are lining up for that opportunity,” Clarkson added.

“There’s so many men,” Fisher joked.

“You do seem like a fun couple. I love that. It’s couple goals,” Clarkson said, attracting an “aw thank you” from Fisher in response.

Clarkson even mentioned her own divorce from Brandon Blackstock when talking about Fisher and Baron Cohen’s recent travels around the world with their children.

Fisher said she has to handle many passports because her kids have Australian, British and American passports.

Clarkson then asked whether it gets hard to keep track of so many different ones.

“Even with my name, when I got divorced my name wasn’t – so it was so hard for a minute,” Clarkson said.

“Oh no,” Fisher responded, before the pair started laughing about Clarkson potentially needing to sing her hit Since U Been Gone to prove her identity.

Fisher and Baron Cohen had been married for 13 years.

The split announcement comes during a messy spat with Australian actor Rebel Wilson who has accused Baron Cohen of sexually harassing her on set. Baron Cohen has denied the claims.

Fisher and Baron Cohen co-ordinated social media posts on Friday (UK time).

Showing the two of them in tennis gear, they stated they had filed for divorce last year.

It’s not clear if the divorce has been finalised.

“After a long tennis match lasting over twenty years, we are finally putting our racquets down,” the post stated.

“In 2023 we jointly filed to end our marriage. We have always prioritised our privacy, and have been quietly working through this change.

“We forever share in our devotion and love for our children. We sincerely appreciate your respecting our family’s wish for privacy.”