Cooking Wonderland Global, a new casual title gets a soft launch in selected regions for Android

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Cooking Wonderland Global is a new casual title brought to you by Rolling Games Pte Ltd. The game, Cooking Wonderland Global has received a soft launch for Android in selected regions including Australia, The Philippines, the USA, Brazil, India, and Malaysia. The game can be accessed via Google Play.

Cooking Wonderland Global aims to experience a simulation experience where you can run your restaurant

The game, Cooking Wonderland Global will aim to deliver a restaurant experience with a twist. The game will have multiple characters and all these characters will bring forth different techniques and recipes of making different types of foods. Some characters will also help you tidy up your business while some will enhance your operations. The game integrates multiple gameplay elements such as food, restaurant running, and so on.

Cooking Wonderland Global soft launch, Cooking Wonderland Global
Image via Rolling Games Pte Ltd

The game comes with a storyline as well. You are tasked not just to run an ordinary restaurant, but an ancient one.  It is said that you must go through 9999 trials to return to the divine realm. To complete the 9999 trials you must train not just yourself but also your employees each of whom will be bringing something different to the table. The game will also make you interact with different customers with each having unique requests and it will be your task to fulfill them.

In the game, you will enjoy the fun of running a restaurant, encountering strange customers, and exploring the spirit world of dreams with companions from other spaces. In this world, you are not alone and neither can you succeed alone, hence recruiting different and unique characters is the only way forward. Be sure to train them well and make them assist you in your magical journey

Cooking Wonderland is now available for Android in selected regions

The game, Cooking Wonderland Global is now available as a soft launch for your Android devices. If you reside in the regions where it is available and are interested in the game be sure to download it via Google Play. There is no information available regarding an iOS release hence stay tuned.

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