China brutally mocked over new train station design

The design of a proposed train station in China is supposed to take inspiration from a flower but people on social media can’t see anything but a sanitary pad.

And for that reason, a rendered image of the proposed North Nanjing station has gone global.

Authorities have reportedly claimed the inspiration for the design was the plum blossom, which is a beloved flower.

Nanjing hosted a festival in February and March dedicated to them.

On Chinese social media platforms, the topic has generated millions of views, according to British public service broadcaster BBC.

“This is a giant sanitary pad. It’s embarrassing to say it looks like a plum blossom,” one person was quoted to say on Weibo.

“Why can we all tell it is a sanitary pad immediately, but the architects can’t?” another user wrote.

Foreign social media users have been left just as shocked.

“It’s another ‘were there any women in the room when this was being designed?’ things,” wrote one woman, attracting thousands of likes on Instagram.

Another popular comment agreed: “This is what happens when there are no women in the room.”

“Did they not notice that plum blossoms have five petals?” one comment asked with almost 2000 likes in support.

The design was approved by the government of Jiangsu province and China State Railway Group, according to state-owned media.

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