Charlie Puth has been spotted in Bondi

Singer Charlie Puth has been spotted wandering around Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach and looking slightly out of place.

The singer, 31, is currently touring Australia, and he stepped out at Bondi Beach looking very covered up in a conservative tourist look.

He opted for cargo pants over board shorts, a long-sleeve top instead of a singlet and sneakers instead of thongs.

Puth clearly didn’t have any plans to take a dip in Sydney’s iconic ocean, considering he was covered up head to toe.

The singer was spotted with an entourage of people walking up the boardwalk and taking in the sights of Sydney.

He looked less like a carefree tourist and more like an awkward celebrity failing to blend in thanks to his entourage.

While you might not recognise Puth’s name, you are likely familiar with his tunes. He is behind hits like Mavine Gaye and is Selena Gomez’s duet partner on the banger We Don’t Talk Anymore.

Puth is one of those celebrities who has really embraced TikTok, amassing over 22 million followers on the app.

The singer has already documented his time in Sydney, taking to TikTok for his take on Aussie coffee, in which he asks if it is normal for your sweetener to come in pill form.

Puth also performed a touching tribute to Matthew Perry at his Melbourne Show, singing a cover of the Friend’s theme song I’ll Be There For You in honour of Perry, who tragically died earlier this week.

Besides his Australian tour, Puth is on a personal high after getting engaged to childhood friend Brooke Sansone in September.

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He shared the news on Instagram, along with the details behind him popping the big question.

“I flew to New York to ask my best friend to marry me, and she said yes,” he posted.

Puth added that he is the “happiest” he has ever been and said he owed it all to his fiance.

“I am the happiest, best version of myself and it is all because of you Brookie. I love you endlessly, forever and ever and ever,” he wrote.

Puth talked about his partner on The Howard Stern Show earlier this year, revealing she was someone he grew up with.

The singer explained that his mounting fame had helped him fall in love with her because he wanted to be with someone he could trust.

“Honestly, I get so scared of people now, like, I can’t really walk anywhere for whatever reason, and I think the more that happens, the more I just want to retreat to someone that I’ve known for a long time,” he confessed.

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