Bullet Echo India, the battle royale from KRAFTON and ZeptoLab gets a soft launch for Android and iOS

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Bullet Echo, the battle royale from Russian video game developer ZeptoLab has got a localized version, which is Bullet Echo India, with the collaboration between KRAFTON and ZeptoLab gets a soft launch for Android and iOS platforms.

Bullet Echo India brings in Indian-style action staying true to core gameplay

Bullet Echo India is a multiplayer, PvP tactical, top-down shooter game wherein players are selected to participate in fast-paced battles and can only score when they strategize, team up, and win against other teams. The main feature of Bullet Echo India is its quick 2-minute matches, which fit into gaming sessions for players looking for quick and action-packed, one-on-one gaming on the go.

Bullet Echo India cover
Image via KRAFTON

The auto-shooting mechanic ensures that players can just focus on strategic decisions without really getting bogged down with manual aiming, thus I see this improving accessibility and fun in playing. You can choose from an assortment of heroes, all having unique playstyles, abilities, and weapons. We can try out any hero, be it the one that loves stealth and hides the heavy gunner or everything in between.

Rank up and you unlock new heroes and perks to improve gameplay for an all-around experience. Bullet Echo India provides you with diverse game modes where you can enjoy many types of challenges and experiences. If you are looking for some classic Battle Royale showdown or a more tactical team-based mode, Bullet Echo India has everything that players need.

One of the reasons to get the game is the localized Indian skins for heroes, which therefore add a special touch to the gameplay. With the soft launch now available, you can try Bullet Echo India on both Android and iOS devices via Google Play Store and App Store respectively.

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