Builderment Idle, the casual factory simulation title gets an official launch on Android and iOS

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Builderment Idle is the latest in the factory simulation games which is now available on both Android and iOS following its official launch on April 8th, 2024. The game is an offering from Builderment LLC.

Builderment Idle brings you a simple single-player factory building experience

If you feel that you have heard the game name somewhere, you are right. This title can be called as the sister-sibling to the 2021 launch Builderment from the same developer, which hit Android last year. This title also has the same backdrop as the current one, with some features being distinct from each other.

This game is all about chilling out while your factory gathers resources, and crafts items, and sells them automatically. You’ll be in charge of managing production and crafting those resources into valuable goods. With easy-to-understand mechanics, you can upgrade your factories to boost production and efficiency. As you play, you’ll unlock new places to explore and buy more factories to grow your business.

The feature which stands out in Builderment Idle is the idle element of gameplay, just like the game title suggests. Even when the players are off from the game, the factories will be producing goods. This is an outstanding reward for players when they come back and see what their factories are earning.

Builderment Idle gameplay
Image via Builderment LLC

Delving into more specifics, the game is designed for single players to enjoy at their own pace and build their virtual industrial empire, so playing with friends isn’t an option. With its launch, Builderment Idle is available for free to download and play, with optional in-app purchases on both Android and iOS.

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