Britney Spears’ conservatorship and relationship with her dad Jamie examined in new documentary

Hot on the heels of her newly released memoir, The Woman in Me, comes a new documentary-series that examines the controversial conservatorship Britney Spears endured for more than a decade.

The singer was freed from the court-appointed order in 2021 after 13 long years, during which the conservatorship – managed by her father, Jamie Spears – was seen by some as a tactic used to control Britney and her money, while others saw it as an act of love by Jamie in order to save her life.

Now a Discovery+ documentary, Jamie vs Britney: The Father Daughter Trials, will examine both sides of the case with the help of legal experts, journalists and insiders.

The two-part doco – which streams locally on BINGE from November 1 – will reinvestigate the father-daughter battle to give both parties a voice to explain their side.

Episode 1 tells Jamie’s story with some insiders insisting he was the best choice for conservator as he had Britney’s best interests at heart.

“Jamie Spears isn’t a monster. He wanted to save Britney,” one expert said on camera. “His intent is there. He loves his daughter.”

Another chimed in: “It wasn’t an opportunity to take over Britney’s life. It was an opportunity to get her better again.”

Yet another Jamie supporter said: “He needed to protect her from herself.”

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Meanwhile, Episode 2 tells Britney’s side. Along with commentary from experts and insiders, the pop star speaks about her conservatorship in rarely heard recordings.

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“OK, so I woke up this morning and I realised there’s a lot going on in my head that I haven’t really shared with anyone really,” she said in a voiceover. “Because I’ve always been scared of the judgement and definitely the embarrassment of just the whole thing, period.”

The ‘Free Britney’ movement also features in the doco, with filmmakers interviewing her diehard supporters.

“Conservatorship strips people of their basic human and civil rights,” said one, with an expert adding on: “She was denied the most basic fundamental human right.”

In her explosive memoir, Britney also opened up about the effect the conservatorship had on her life.

“I remained shocked that the state of California would let a man like my father – an alcoholic, someone who’d declared bankruptcy, who’d failed in business, who terrified me as a little girl – control me after all my accomplishments and everything I had done,” she wrote.

“The conservatorship was created supposedly because I was incapable of doing anything — feeding myself, spending my own money, being a mother, anything. So why was it that a few weeks later, they had me shoot an episode of How I Met Your Mother and then sent me out on a gruelling tour?”

In another voiceover on the docu-series, Britney concluded: “They literally killed me,” she said of her dad, mum Lynne, brother Brian and little sister, actress Jamie Lynn Spears.

“My family basically threw me away.”

Jamie vs Britney: The Father Daughter Trials streams from November 1 on BINGE