‘Britain’s most hated woman’ shamed for naked act with kids

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A mum has hit back at haters who slammed her for walking around naked with her kids.

Carla Bellucci claimed it was a totally natural thing to do and wouldn’t let other parents’ shame stop her, The Sun reports.

Ms Bellucci, from Herts, UK, blasted her critics as “prudes” and revealed she even takes baths with her two-year-old daughter.

“My children have all seen my sexy glamour pics and I have nothing to hide – it’s only a pair of tits at the end of the day,” the mum of four said.

Previously called “Britain’s most hated woman”, the 42-year-old influencer and former model became infamous for having a nose job using the country’s public health service, the NHS, by faking that she was depressed.

“I don’t have a problem with my kids seeing me naked, especially (my daughter) Blu,” Ms Bellucci said.

“My older son doesn’t now, but when they were little I used to walk around naked and Blu now sees me naked and I bathe with her and don’t see the problem.

“After all, she came from me and she is two and doesn’t care.

“I love nothing more than cuddling her skin-to-skin – she is my baby girl.

“What kind of world do we live in where it’s wrong for your own kids to see you naked, but it’s OK for people to get naked online for free?”

Speaking to the Daily Star, Ms Bellucci explained that she didn’t want her kids to grow up thinking that being naked was wrong.

The woman became a broke single mum and took on glamour work to pay the bills before rising to notoriety for her rhinoplasty – leading her to be dubbed “Britain’s biggest scrounger”.

The mum now leads a life of luxury thanks to her social media accounts and even admitted her daughter Tanisha, 19, is used to seeing her in the nude.

Although Ms Bellucci didn’t see a problem with being naked in front of her younger children, she did reveal she would stop at a certain point.

“As they get to teens, I definitely wouldn’t let my boys see me naked,” she said.

“But with Tanisha, I still walk in her room half-naked and she doesn’t bat an eyelid – she knows what I’m like, always mucking around booty-shaking to songs.

“She just laughs because she knows it is my persona and my personality.”

Ms Bellucci revealed her kids had already come across her steamy pictures when they were leaked online – but isn’t ashamed of her past.

She made the valid point that sex scenes in films don’t make people bat an eyelid – so her past shouldn’t either.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission