Bride defends ‘rude’ wedding attire rule

A bride-to-be has defended what some have labelled her “rude” wedding request on her invitations.

Betti Adams has been documenting her DIY tips ahead of her big day, including her husband-to-be painting their colour scheme on the invitation so guests can match.

But it was this act of specifying colours that many social media users found to be in poor taste.

“I’m glad I don’t live in the USA. I’ve been to countless weddings over the past 20 years, and not one has had a colour scheme for guests outfits,” one social media user said.

“I can’t imagine putting that unnecessary stress and financial burden on my guests or having a friend or family member that would do that.”

Another added: “Expecting people to spend money on new outfits for your wedding colour scheme is rude.”

“Hope there’s as my much thought going into making the wedding fun for guests as there is controlling the shade of brown they wear,” one said.

Bride defends 'rude' wedding rule

Another added: “It’s bizarre to claim that specifying colours is the same as a dress code. A dress code is Formal or Cocktail, not Wear These Four Colours.”

As the comments built up, Betti jumped in to depend herself, saying that a majority of weddings had a dress code and this was simply one of them.

She said people could call her “sad and beige” all they wanted but the four colours — which were all neutral tones — were her calm colours.

“I didn’t tell anyone to purchase anything. We wanted our guest to match the colours of the wedding,” she said.

Betti added that initially she wanted to do a classic black and white wedding but decided to add more neutral tones. She said she was more than happy if most people showed up in black.

Many jumped in to defend Betti, with one social media user saying; “Having colours on an invite is so handy for finding something to wear. You can just take it with you and colour match or find something close to what’s in the colour palette.”

“I dig this but I predict a mostly black dressed, funeral themed wedding since that’s the colour most people already have — it’ll be in the code tho,” another said.

One added: “The comments on this post are so hateful. She’s paying to host her guests, she has a vision, she’s trying to bring it to life, and it looks cute!”