Big Brother’s Sonia Kruger shares biggest career regret

Big Brother presenter Sonia Kruger has opened up about her biggest career regret.

Kruger is set to return to screens on Monday night for the new series of Big Brother Australia.

The host, who has been a TV staple for decades, has enjoyed a hugely successful career.

However, despite numerous successes, Kruger has revealed that there is one project she took on that she wishes in retrospect she had turned down.

In the midst of the pandemic in 2021, Sonia co-hosted Holey Moley alongside US comedian Rob Riggle.

While the miniature golf game show initially became a ratings success, it was subsequently critically panned and hasn’t returned to screens since.

Opening up about her regrets surrounding the show, Kruger told TV Week: “I was way out of my lane. We also aired it during Covid so it aired four nights a week, but it’s not designed to be watched that way. It became repetitive.”

With her return to screens imminent, Kruger opened up about the impact social media and comments from viewers have had on her.

“I tend not to read comments too much. What is that saying, ‘what other people think of me is none of my business?’” insisted the presenter.

“To be honest, it’s [criticism] very few and far between. People are mostly positive. It can be too easy to start thinking the opposite of that.”

She added: “I just want to entertain people and make them laugh,” she says. “Hopefully, at the end of the day, you’re leaving people feeling a little bit better about life or the world in general. That’s the mission.”

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Meanwhile, Big Brother Uncut, which was axed in 2006 following mounting backlash, will form part of Seven’s 2023/24 programming line-up alongside a new season of Big Brother.

Uncut – which was rebranded to Adults Only for its final season – used to air explicit footage of the housemates, ranging from them showering nude, to getting intimate and talking about sex.

Kruger is back to host the show, with Uncut set to stream on Channel Seven’s digital platform, 7plus, from Thursday, November 9th.