Big Brother viewers blast huge change to show

Big Brother Australia viewers have lashed out at Channel 7 for “ruining” the franchise after the latest series began on Monday night.

The beloved show returned to screens and brought with it a bunch of young, good-looking twenty somethings.

Sadly, fans of the show were left unimpressed with the lack of diversity among the cast, and some suggested that the new format seemed to be trying to shape the series into a dating show rather than a reality series.

As the debut episode aired, viewers rushed to social media to blast the new-look series.

“Why didn’t they just rebrand the show instead? This is like Love Island meets MAFS #BBAU,” tweeted one upset viewer.

A another fan agreed, hitting out at Channel 7: “Seven really wanted the rights to Love Island but they’re already taken by 9 so they took beloved Big Brother and ruined it #BBAU”.

Others felt the same, with many criticising Channel 7 for “ruining” the show by turning it into a “wannabe Love Island”.

One viewer ranted: “The best thing about the original #BBAU was the diverse cast: age, race, interests,” while another said: “Don’t think anyone wanted a Love Island/Big Brother mashup #BBAU.”

A third said: “I swear to god if this season is turned into a dating show I’ll be pissed, we have enough already #BBAU”.

Meanwhile, the previously axed Big Brother Uncut will be making a return later this week for the first time in years.

Uncut attracted significant controversy in its heyday, when it aired late at night from its debut in 2001 until 2006 on Channel 10. Uncut – which was rebranded to Adults Only for its final season – used to air explicit footage of the housemates, ranging from them showering nude, to getting intimate and talking about sex.

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Channel 7 will be hoping that the reintroduction of the spin-off show will help win back viewers to the series which has struggled to re-live its glory days since it made a comeback in 2020.