Beat the Blue 2024 details

Police have invited car enthusiasts to put their skills to the test at their annual Beat the Blue fundraising event.

Event organisers are looking for keen drivers ready to challenge the top NSW Highway Patrol drivers on a wet skidpan at Sydney Motorsport Park from 7pm on Saturday June 29.

Police and car lovers start on opposite sides of a guitar-shaped course marked out in traffic cones on the wet and slippery surface, then race to see who completes a full lap first.

Of the 99 races held between officers and car lovers last year, police won 78.

Event founder Sergeant Steven Planinic said car lovers could “test their driving skill against the best NSW highway patrol have to offer”.

“We’re looking to get people involved,” he said.

“This is a cheap way to have a bit of fun at a motorsport venue while testing your skill against NSW highway patrol officers in a safe environment.”

Driver event entry costs $95 and applications must be completed via the Beat the Blue website before Saturday April 20.

After racing police, enthusiasts from the wider community participate in a shootout to find the fastest driver on the night.

Two-time event winner Reece McIntosh said the simple course was a good test of driver skill.

“It seems simple, but it’s still a great test of the ability to find grip, forward vision, smooth driving inputs and car control,” he said.

“These things are essential driving skills and translate to safe road driving all the way to high-speed motorsport.”

McIntosh said there was nothing quite like Beat the Blue.

“It doesn’t matter if you just love cars and have never even seen a racetrack or a regular in the pits, you don’t get many legit chances to challenge the cops and see if they have you covered,” he said.

“But seriously, I do a couple of dozen Motorsport events every year, and this one I will never miss if I am lucky enough to be invited.

“It’s one of the most fun car events I have ever been a part of and if you get the opportunity to do it, you have to have a crack.”

Enthusiasts can also enter their cars in a show-and-shine contest for $35.

Spectator entry is free.

Proceeds go to the NSW Police Legacy Charity supporting the families of police officers who have been killed or injured.

The event has raised $140,000 for the charity to date.

This year’s event will include elements designed to introduce children to driving.

Kids will be able to take the wheel on a special course under adult supervision in a similar fashion to Motorsport Australia’s First Gear program.

James Stewart, director of motoring events specialists Driving Solutions, said: “it will be a great way to get young people involved”.

“This really is one of the best nights out for Sydney families who love cars.”

More information: Beat the Blue.