Bahraini crown prince arrives in Riyadh

RIYADH: The traditional craft of leather-based manufacturing in Najran continues to be an integral a part of the native tradition and economic system.

An individual who engages in leather-based manufacturing in Najran is known as Al-Kharraz. Utilizing the pores and skin of cows, camels, sheep and goats, after coloring and preparation, he skillfully produces numerous objects.

His work contains the Mayzab, a triangular field with a base of wooden or palm branches, and two stable straps. These are utilized by moms to hold their toddler kids. They’re one among Najran’s most-expensive handicrafts.

One other is the Al-Misbat, a large leather-based belt with as much as 100 holes for ammunition. It features a small bag for private objects, which is worn with a shoulder strap.

The Al-Masab is a small leather-based bag carried on the shoulder with an extended strap. It’s used for carrying meals and private objects, and is standard with younger kids.

Additionally produced is the Al-Zamala, an oblong or box-shaped bag used for carrying items. It’s manufactured from camel or artificial leather-based, with two quick straps. There are sometimes decorations on its sides with black or brown leather-based weaving.

One other product is the Al-Rahout, which is manufactured from sheep fur and used for bedding. It includes sq. or rectangular items sewn collectively utilizing threads, surrounded by a skinny leather-based or material body.

As well as, there may be the Al-Assem, a small leather-based pouch that may be sealed utilizing a strap. A smaller model, known as Al-Qatf, is used to retailer espresso.

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